Fervor Response to the Consumer Reports Magazine

 Dear Outdoor Living Professionals and Home Chef Grill Masters,

Thank you for your interest in the hottest innovation to backyards all over North America - the Fervor™ Barbecue Grill!

As a leading manufacturer of grills offered to world-wide top outdoor grill retailers for over 40 years, Garth Outdoor Leisure of Australia is a global front runner and an expert on all aspects of grill manufacturing. Therefore, when we learned of a negative comment from a 2015 Consumer Reports’ review involving our fantastic grill, we were completely stunned. Immediately we investigated what must have been a mistake.We thought, “Oh. It’s just an oversight on CR’s part. Let’s clear this up with them directly so they can fix it.”

Much to our surprise, our positive course of action did not resolve the situation. As we got clearer on the reason for the magazine’s results, the Fervor™ Grill development team and engineers realized that the magazine bases their standard of grill ratings on the measurement of even heat across the entire surface of the grilling grate, a standard that has in the past been supported by US grill manufacturers. The assumption was made that North American consumers have different standards than Australian consumer’s do of their grills. Yes! We know! We agree!

That is why we are introducing to the North American markets a better solution!! Why would anyone keep doing what has always been done when there is such a better answer? Isn’t that the essence of innovation?

We strongly believe that our Fervor™ Grills are designed to significantly outperform one-temp-at-a-time grills. A key element, as well as an outstanding characteristic of the Fervor™ Grill is, in fact, our “Zoned-Cooking” feature. It is the future of grilling – and we want everyone to know about it – accurately.

Unfortunately, our explanation to Consumer Reports, that their methodology of measurement was an irrelevant test on a Fervor™ Barbecue Grill fell on deaf ears at the magazine. We were never given the chance to introduce the groundbreaking advances in grilling that the FervorTM now brings to the North American market. Instead, Consumer Reports relied on a simple standard old fashioned performance measure for an outdated feature that the Fervor™ Grill wisely does not employ. In short, Consumer Reports is saying, “You FervorTM people don’t cook every type of food at the same exact temperature!” And we are replying – “That’s correct!” And, “Isn’t it about time someone gave the home chef a better option?” We want to get the most advanced, interactive grill out to every retailer who wants a rush of excitement on his or her showroom floor. We want our consumers to be fantastic masters of the grill and backyard warriors. We want to maximize everyone’s success and, in turn, everyone’s joy level in outdoor entertaining. And the revolutionary ability to have “Zoned-Cooking” on an outdoor grill is the jumping off point and, frankly, it is nothing short of amazing!

We also wish someone had asked us if Zoned-Cooking was the only innovative, super-cool feature that makes the Fervor™ Barbecue Grill the ultimate grill. Gavin Hill, CEO and Managing Director of Garth Outdoor Leisure, (manufacturer of Fervor™ products), states, “When we designed the Fervor™ product line, we made decisions on this grill’s functionality that were learned over many years of research from decades of experience. We listened carefully to valuable input from engineers, chefs, grill masters, consumers, and our focus groups, and we decided to pull out all the stops on the Fervor™ Grill. We included “Zoned-Cooking.” We put in our Grillsmart™ Fat and Oil Management Systems. We used our Insultouch™ Hoods, Jet Force Ignition, Clear Viewing Windows. We brought our complete A-game to this product.This is not a mass merchant, one-temp-all-over, cookie-cutter grill.

The FervorTM is built for the home chef who cares about the results of their food and wants to purchase a fantastic grill at an affordable price. That is what Fervor™ is - an exceptional grill, with excellent performance at a great price.”

Garth Outdoor Leisure sells hundreds of thousands of grills worldwide annually with positive results and happy customers. Sadly for the North American Outdoor Living industry, Consumer Reports completely missed the opportunity to publish an intuitive, positive update on the latest grill technology out there. They missed the opportunity of being a helpful consumer advocate through just being inflexible in the way the grills are assessed.

For the full, correct and accurate introduction to the complete Fervor™ Barbecue Grill line of products as well as a complete list of authorized dealers, we invite you to visit our web site at www.fervorgrill.com and www.alfrescohome.com/dealerlocator.

By the way - the Fervor™ 6 Burner Grill was recognized by the Hearth, Patio and Barbecue Association (HPBA), a leading resource and voice of the barbecue grill industry in the USA, as being one of the BEST new grills offered to the North American market in 2015!

Sincere Thanks,

Garth Outdoor