fervor wins canadian grilling competition

Flavors from Fervor soothe the taste buds of Quebec Province, Canada

March 10, 2016 – Philadelphia, PA - Alfresco Home, distributor of the recently launched and Vesta Award winning Fervor™ Grill has been awarded First Place in the Annual Grill Distributors of Quebec Province Cooking Award.

Rick Baker, Alfresco Home Brand Manager for the Fervor™ and Fornetto™ outdoor cooking product lines and Kimberly Cilio, owner of Alfresco Home, traveled north to Montreal to give Fervor™ retail training while participating in the new competition. “The distribution of the Fervor Grill in Canada is filled with excitement. Training our distribution network in Quebec and cooking in the grill competition against four other leading brands was an exciting way for us to bring Fervor Grill to the Canadian market in this province. Winning was just awesome and we appreciate the opportunity we were given to showcase the great performance of the Fervor™ Grill,” says Cilio.

Alfresco Home in concert with the Fervor™ and Fornetto™ brands, has established strong partnerships in Canada working with a distinct group of experienced and successful Hearth and Home providers.  Establishing a strong network of retailers who understand what makes Fervor™ a superior grill, one that cooks like a professional grill but engages easily for the home chef, is very important to the brands overall success.

Baker says, “Fervor™, which hit the North American market last year was great success overall. It takes time to teach and train retailers on the benefits of our grills and ovens. There is no doubt that they are unique, well-built products designed to outperform their competition at a great value. When a retailer commits to this brand, it does not disappoint and it gives the independent retailer the chance to segregate itself away from the mass brands that are not special.”

While the cold temperatures of Montreal did not detract from the Fervor performance, the delicious Rosemary and Grilled Lamb Chops and Grilled Caesar Salad were enjoyed by over 40 members and judges. The Fervor™ Icon Series 6 Burner Grill kept cooking throughout the afternoon with its 60,000 BTU burners and powerful brass side burner churning out Hot Cocoa with Bourbon and Grilled Bacon!

There was not a doubt that Fervor™ Grills are certainly the life of any party!

See both Fervor and Fornetto at the Alfresco Home at HPBE exhibit space # 2645 in New Orleans, March 17-19, 2016.