fervor grill

Chances are you haven’t heard of a Fervor Grill before. I hadn’t. In fact, my “grill IQ” consists of me “grilling” pre-made burgers on my pancake/ waffle/ panini maker/ grill in my one-bedroom apartment. My only grilling experience, really, is a) ordering BBQ at a restaurant, or b) as a little girl watching my dad cook family meals on our once-shiny, now rusted and charred, BBQ.

I joined the Alfresco Home team only four months ago, but with every day that passes I learn something new about our products—and recently, the Fervor Grill caught my eye. I’ve seen our competitors’ grills. Some are round, some are shiny, some are rather impressive. But, I’m not here to talk about the competition, I’m here to help consumers, much like myself, raise their Fervor IQ, eliminate feelings of intimidation, and develop a passion for the Fervor Grill. So, lets talk about the BBQ’s innovative design, Grillsmart technology, and proven durability.

The Fervor Grill is a beauty. Consumers love the sleek stainless steel design, size range (4-8 burners), and tempered glass window that allows consumers to monitor progress without actually having to open the BBQ. Consumers also love the Insultouch hood, which keeps the outside unit from getting too hot. Yes, you can actually touch it, folks. Did I mention the hood has a clean-touch coating that wipes down really easy? Just quick-grab a paper towel from the built-in rack on your Fervor.

Don’t forget to throw it away in the trash bag compartment below the side burner, where you can cook anything you might normally cook on the stove. I love the burner feature because it truly brings outside the convenience of cooking in the kitchen.

Utensils are at your fingertips in the Fervor Grill’s convenient storage cabinets and accessory drawers. If you’re one of those families, like mine, that doesn’t get around to eating until 8 pm, electric lights in the back of the Fervor will keep your workspace illuminated. As if that wasn’t enough, lockable wheels and a food timer add another element of safety to the consumer experience.

Family functions always have an element of dysfunction, and in my family the BBQ brings that out. One person only eats fish, another pork, Sue likes her steak well done, while I like mine practically mooing.

Fervor’s Grillsmart technology allows for zoned cooking, which enables the chef to prepare, say, seafood and vegetables at a lower temperature in the front and steak at a higher temperature in the back. While stainless steel grates are less efficient and have irregular hot spots, anything grilled on the Fervor’s matte-enamel-coated cast-iron grates is cooked evenly throughout. 

My favorite feature of the Grillsmart technology, though, has to be the Grillsmart grates. While most grills catch fats and oils in trays below the burners, the Fervor Grill has angled grates with grooves for draining fats and oils away from the food and into a collection cup. Healthier, cleaner, easier.

To put it simply, your Fervor will last and it will look good, too. Every Fervor Grill has a patented self-cleaning roasting hood. No More scrubbing (or giving up scrubbing)—when you’re done cooking, simply just turn on all the burners and close the hood for 20 minutes. After the timer goes off, any food residue will be burnt away and a quick wipe down will leave the hood clean for next time.

You can be the most inexperienced apartment griller like me, or a wizard on the BBQ like Bobby Flay, but make no mistake about it: this high quality, sophisticated grill is for the everyday consumer.

Even my dad wants one now.

Fervor: Healthier, cleaner, easier.