hot grill cool features

September 15, 2016 – Philadelphia, PA - Alfresco Home boasts the slogan “Outdoor Living Made Easy,” and rightfully so. With an impressive inventory of pottery and casual furniture already in their warehouse, the family-owned and -operated company decided to make outdoor living even easier with the adoption of the Fervor grill.

Alfresco Home is a designer and manufacturer of an expansive assortment of outdoor living products. Located in Pottstown, Pennsylvania, they house an 80,000 sq. foot office, showroom, and warehouse where they keep most of the products they distribute to their network of 700+ retailers around the world. Most recently, they boldly entered the outdoor cooking industry with the addition of the Fervor Grill.

Garth Living, a family-owned grill manufacturer in Melbourne, Australia, manufactures the Fervor Grill. Their 50-year legacy has made them a manufacturing leader not only in Europe, but all around the world, and their Fervor Grill is sold exclusively by Alfresco Home in North America.

The Australian-borne grill is unique not only to North America, but to the grilling industry as a whole for several reasons. When asked what separates Fervor from its competitors, Rick Baker, Alfresco Home’s outdoor gourmet brand manager, says, “There are many differences, but number one is Grill Smart Technology.” 

Fervor’s Grill Smart Technology channels excess fats and oils away from food, creating a healthier way to eat. “Less oils and fats means less flare-ups and having a grill that is easier to clean; healthier and cleaner—that’s grill smart,” says Baker.

Another feature of the Fervor Grill is its ability to provide restaurant-style cooking at home. Featuring cast-iron grates, the preferred choice among 99% of all professional chefs, the grill can cook food at low, medium, and high temperatures all at the same time—and all while using 30% less fuel than most other grills.

“Imagine cooking rare foods rare and well-done foods well-done ALL AT THE SAME TIME!” According to Baker, that’s one of Fervor’s most unique qualities.

Other smart and friendly consumer features can be found all over this grill: a bottle opener, timer, storage drawer, paper towel and trash bag holders, hood lights, and a self-cleaning, insulated cooking hood—to name a few.

When asked what his favorite feature was, Baker knew right away. “The glass window so that I do not have to keep raising and lowering the hood to see if my food is cooked. That is a cool feature.”

Hot grill, cool features. With the Fervor Grill the combination can't be beat.